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The managers of Ukhippy are fully aware of the responsibilities regarding the storage of data and use of cookies, and therefore make every effort to ensure the safety of this site. However, we will not accept responsibility for any data that is lost as a result of breaches in security or issues that arise from failing to take notice of this policy.

Ukhippy operates a respectful privacy policy that will never be intentionally compromised. However, we reserve the right to amend this policy at any time the law demands, or we believe it is in our best interests to do so.




This website requires the use of cookies to store information on the device that you use to access it. These cookies are small text files that do not contain any personal information you may have entered; they can not identify you individually and they serve only to improve your experience of this site and make it easier to navigate.

Cookies enable features such as the storing of your logging in details or letting you know if you have visited a part of the site before, they are also used to extend your browsing session and keep you logged in should you request it.


We do not collect any personal information through the use of cookies, but they may be used to collect statistical information on how the site is used.



This policy relates to all domains that are used to access this site. is the primary domain but it may at times be accessed at the following other domains:,,,,, Any future domains upon which this site resides will also be covered by this policy.

This website and all data that it contains is based in the United Kingdom and therefore subject to UK and European Law.

The data we collect


From the time that the user registers on this site we collect the following personal information.


  • User's Birth Date
  • User's Gender
  • User's Email Address
  • User's Browser information
  • User's Internet Service Provider Information (IP address)


The user may elect to submit further personal information to this website, but this is done so on a purely voluntary basis in order to create a personal profile. All information submitted either automatically through the use of cookies, or voluntarily by the user is used to enable the end user's enjoyment of this site. We only ever monitor activity as a means of improving this site and for introducing or updating available features. We will not willingly disclose your personal information to any third parties without prior notification and consent.


Email addresses


The managers of ukhippy will not reveal your email address or any of your personal details at any time. We will not sell your information for use in advertising and will only keep a record of it so we can inform you about updates and improvements being made to this site. You may choose to opt out of emails and newsletters at any time, however, we will never send you unsolicited junk mail.




Passwords are securely encrypted in the site database and therefore cannot be retrieved by anyone. It is your responsibility to keep your password safe and we will not be held accountable for anyone who gains access to your account. If you forget your password you can request a new one to be sent to you via an automated process.

Personal information


Apart from information submitted during the registration process, all material you submit to this site is done so on a purely voluntary basis. Your personal information is not available to non-members.


Unless otherwise stated, only registered members have access to any of your profile details. Only the site administrators and staff have access to your email address or account preferences, these are kept confidential at all times.




By making a submission to this website you are freely allowing us to publish your work on this domain (or any of other domain on which this website resides) in any way that we deem appropriate. This means that, although you retain the copyright of your work, You are granting us non-exclusive licence to reproduce it here.


We will not use your material in any other publication at any time without your prior consent. However, we offer no protection and accept no responsibility if your work is copied and used elsewhere by any other organisation or individual, whether they are a member here or not.


Any material you submit to us is done so on a purely voluntary basis and therefore published entirely at your own risk. We accept no responsibility for any legal claims arising as a result of material that you submit.




In order for this system to work, all of your submissions, your personal details and all other content and communications have to be stored in a secure, password protected database. Personal information kept on this database will remain confidential and not disclosed to anyone unless we are legally obliged to do so. The owners of this site are the only people to ever have any direct access to the database and will only use that access for matters of security, maintenance or making improvements to the site.


Private Messaging


Private Messaging is provided to the members of this website as a service intended to enhance the community experience. It is available within the site and also as instant messaging within our chatroom software.


The purpose of private messaging is to allow for discreet conversations to take place between members. This privilege is not to be abused! Solicitation, spamming, harassment or incitement of any kind is strictly forbidden. By necessity, all messages are stored within an SQL database. This is password protected, but not encrypted. We have a legal obligation to look after all the data that is stored on this site, which means that, while we do not monitor individual private messaging, it is possible for an administrator to generate a database query to return a transcript of messages should the need arise. Therefore private messages should be considered as confidential but not necessarily secret.


Chat Software


At certain times (dependant on demand) we may opt to run chatroom software; when we do this always gets hosted on a different server to the rest of the site. This means that, although it works in conjunction with our database, it is subject to different criteria for storing data. It is still only accessible to site members and personal information is never willingly revealed to third parties. Transcripts of all chatroom conversations are logged on a daily basis; this is part of our obligation to maintain site security and to ensure that we do not allow abuse of the system.




The only time that any of your personal information will ever be intentionally revealed is if we are forced to act on any legal issue that may arise. Please note that we are committed to the protection of minors and will cooperate fully with the authorities in all cases of child protection. There may also be times where we are forced to comply with the authorities regarding matters such as defamation or breach of copyright.