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26-11--2005, 06:37 PM
Just curious as to the level of knowledge people have before they choose to adopt an animal free diet. I imagine that for those who made the change for ethical reasons nutrition has perhaps been secondary.

The argument that most meat-eaters use is that veg*ns won't get enough protein. It's an obvious statement to make and actually very wrong. How many of you had good information given to you? Did you research food yourself?

There's often the thought that veg*ns are ill looking, pale and sickly. Is this because those that actually are just aren't eating the right foods rather than meat? Were they that way when they were omnivores?

Over 16 years of veggieness. I've had a good, basic idea of what I should be eating. When I went veggie at 14 my mum was pretty good with knowing what I needed but I always had a small appetite anyway. It's only really the last 6 months that I've realised just how much diversity we need in our diet as well as quantity of food. How has being veg*n changed your knowledge and attitude towards food?

26-11--2005, 08:33 PM
i went properly veggie in summer 2000 then vegan about 2 yrs ago.
ive never really looked into the health side of it and ive never got ill.
im a crap example though, so probably best to ignore this post cus my diet might kill you.

26-11--2005, 09:10 PM
:greenlol: Thanks for that Treason! :insane:

26-11--2005, 09:35 PM
glad i could be of help :D

26-11--2005, 10:05 PM
Well, reasoning for me was ethical/animal rights to why I became vegan and as the years have gone by the health side is also a major issue, as I see the benefits. And you are right I learn't the nutrition bit as I went along not before :) I believe there is more protein in a tin of Baked beans than some meats!! Pulses are packed with protein even if it is vegetable. I am far from pale and sickly <grin> I couldn't feel healthier!! Still here after nearly 18 years of a vegan diet hehehe!!

I think you do have to becareful that you have a balanced diet whatever your diet is, and I have to say that I see that some meateaters/dairy product consumers have a crap diet compared to veggies/vegans. And then some veggies and vegans compared to other diets.

It is also about food combinations. Eg Vitamin c enriched food will help you absorb iron from an iron enriched food etc... But tea as it has tannins in it will deplete your iron. My iron was boarder line recently when tested due to being in the late stages of pregnant but I uped my iron consumption and I am back to normal again and good for being pregnant!!

I guess I have to know the nutrition side as I wouldn't feel right about bringing up my children vegan otherwise.

26-11--2005, 10:15 PM
although i must add, im startin to cook my own food from scratch now which i wernt doin before, well sometimes, but not much. thats why i lunched it on the vegan thing for a couple of weeks cus i was well n truley fucked off with my diet of processed vegan crap.
im starving here though, and the super markets closed and i got no veggie suet for my dumplins :wall:
looks like it maybe be potato waffles again tonight then, but tommorow i step into a bigger world.
ill keep youz updated on my diet, if i stop posting for any lenth of time, send someone round to check on me cus i might be laying helpless on the floor with no energy to move.

i cant use the excuse that chips and tomatoe sauce are my daily intake of vegtables anymore.

27-11--2005, 12:26 AM
when i went veggie i was got quite ill, but im still not too sure how much that was because if my change in diet. i know for a while i didnt eat very well becuase mum found it hard trying to cook 2 different meals and make sure i was getting food. but i was very anemic and probably other things too, but along with what was happening to me emotionally and mentally i was very run down, low and tired.

after i finished school, end of gcses so long summer, i had a lot of time to myself alone while mum was at work and my sister was a school and i thought about what mum had been saying to me about seeing the doctor and eating better. so i went to the library and borrowed some books on veggie cooking and since ive learned about what foods give you what vitamins and stuff ive been eating ok. i also brought some vitamin and mineral tablets just to take while i got back on my feet and ifi ever have a bit of a problem getting all i need to keep me alive, and they helped and soon i was absolutely fine again.

since ive been at uni, well since i fell out with mum and had to start buying my own food really, ive thought about my diet more. but since ive been at uni ive stopped eating eggs and drinking milk.

my aim is to become vegan eventually but i dont want to jump into it like when i turned veggie coz it was horrible how i felt for the first year.

i do notice in changes in me when i do change my diet. like a few weeks ago i started making an effort to eat 3 different types of fruit a day and i felt a lot lively and awake and outgoing than i had been when i only had one or none a day. giving up milk has also meant im not coughing all the time when i walk coz of crap coming out of my chest, so soya milk is here to stay in my diet. im finding i dont ahve to clear my throat for 10 mins everytime i want to speak!!

that means i just want to know what gives me what and how it affects me by varying my diet slightly, taking things out, adding other things in etc

you have to make your diet suit your body, no one eats the same, so as long as you arent making yourself ill and you are eating a balanced diet and getting all you need from it it doesnt matter how you eat.

hmm, that doesnt really go, that last paragraph...

but i agree with what stormypagan said about comparing diets. all my friends ate fastfood while i ate fruit and veg and then complain they are putting on too much weight or whatever!!

um... oh yeah, i went into being veggie pretty much blind, but i knew there are lots of veggies and they all survive so i thought 'i can survive too' but it didnt work, i had to put some effort into surviving!! lol

27-11--2005, 12:40 AM
since ive been at uni, well since i fell out with mum and had to start buying my own food really, ive thought about my diet more. but since ive been at uni ive stopped eating eggs and drinking milk.

my aim is to become vegan eventually but i dont want to jump into it like when i turned veggie coz it was horrible how i felt for the first year.


27-11--2005, 02:51 AM

right, ok

27-11--2005, 03:45 AM
sorry, it was ment to say

27-11--2005, 10:57 AM
People only get ill because they dont understand the right foods to eat instead of meat,ive always done pretty well becauase ive been nrought up with those sort of foods anyway and my mommas also vegy.I dont really look like im gonna wither away any time soon!:D

fairy dust x