View Full Version : Festival UK festivals, what are they like?

12-02--2007, 10:18 PM
I've been interested in foreign festivals for a couple of years but never had the money (or guts) to actually visit one. There are a couple in Germany that seems cool and a couple in the UK aswell. Since my knowledge of the german language reach no further than the words danke schön, kartoffelsallad and autobhan I think I'd manage a lot better in the UK. So my question is, which festivals do you reccomend, how much do they cost and what are the brittish festivals like? I live in the town where swedens biggest Rock festival is held so I've been there (30 000 visitors) but that's the only festival. I don't think I'd want to go to a festival like the one in my town (www.rockparty.se) because it's too messy and there's too much fights etc. A more hippie oriented festival would suit me better. Like the green gathering or beautiful days maybe. What are those festivals like? What kinda people go there? Are they as nice as I imagine them to be? Any advices on this would be apprechiated. :D

12-02--2007, 10:25 PM
Well I'd recommed Beautiful Days http://www.beautifuldays.org/

This will be our 4th year there, have been taking our son since before he was two. It's a small enough festival with plenty to do, family friendly but busy enough to keep everyone happy.

It's in a lovely part of the UK and you cant go far wrong going to this and then spending another week in the area.

Edit...... plus a lot of dwellers on this board will be there! :D