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26-12--2005, 01:06 PM
It is often stated that being dependent on animals for our existance involves cruelty to animals but how does the lot of domestic animals compare to that of their wild conterparts?

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Every time we buy, cook, carve and eat a dead animal we are commissioning the slaughter of the next live animal. This much is true. We should, however, consider the animal's fate in the wild. Fish, fowl, mammals and insects in their natural state do not die of old age or go peacefully in their sleep with the family around the bedside; they are generally killed and eaten (not necessarily in that order) by other fish, fowl, mammals or insects. We might assume that such deaths are, on average, more frightening and painful than the swift despatch they will experience in the slaughterhouse (I will offer no defence here for the slow ritual killings prescribed by certain religious traditions, which can be cruel in the extreme). For a wild animal, to be killed and eaten is natural; for a farm animal, to be slaughtered by humans might be a privilege. As to the quality of life of farm animals, we might compare the relatively stress-free existence of a dairy or beef herd in the field with, say, that of fellow-ruminants the wildebeest browsing the plains of the Serengeti. The former will be well-fed, watered and sheltered from harsh weather; they will also have access to vetinary treatment. The latter will live under constant threat of attack from predators and suffer the hardships of pestilence or drought. The natural death of a wildebeest is invariably savage.

26-12--2005, 10:14 PM
Sounds pretty much like my opinion on the matter, if farming were so.

Trouble is the factory system of meat production fails with the bad farmers and the processing methods beyond slaughter. I think that meat should be a fairly expensive commodity, to fund adequate treatment of all livestock.

27-12--2005, 01:57 AM
a forced death sounds pretty shit whatever way it happens, slaughter houses aren't really fun places...

that and you must get a real buzz running for your life...