View Full Version : Vegan Banana Curry

08-01--2006, 04:16 PM
1 Bananna
2 Sweet Potatoes
Curry Powder Mix...mild is best.
Mixed Stir Fry Veg..{Your Choice}
Tofu {Marinated works best, agan its your choice}
Creamed Cocunut Block
Veg Oil
You will need a wok and a deep fat frying pan

Heat the oil in both the wok, and the deep fat fryer these will need to be hot, before you start cooking. Take the bananna and mash to a pulp, cut the sweet potatoes into cubes, and par boil, till soft (ish) grate the cocunut and prepare any of the mixed veg. Cut the Tofu into cubes, and add to the hot fat, {in the fryer}....fry till crispy. Add the mashed Bananna to the wok, and stir into the oil, this will flavour the oil, and gives a wonderfull taste, add the curry powder/paste and continue to stir. Add the mixed veg, turn down the heat, so the wok can simmer, stir occasionally, so the ingerdiments do not stick. Drain the sweet pot's and add to the wok, by now the Tofu should be ready, remove from the hot fryer, and pat dry, then add to the wok and stir in......add the grated cocunut, by sprinkiling it over, fold in the ingreedyments.

Serve in a deep bowl with Cous Cous and Vegan Yoghurt. Garnish with corriander Leaves.

Bon Appitite.