View Full Version : Mad Cow disease, Foot and Mouth, now Bird Flu...

17-01--2006, 02:30 PM
Will we ever learn?

I know that there are a plenty of factors to the causes of all of these. The affects of factory farming and transportation of animals however, are clearly one of the main reasons for these epidemics breaking out... Yet it still goes on, people just don't seem to heed these strong warnings.

What do you think?

Sorry, I should have gone into more detail really - i'm hungry so i'm rushing :eek:

17-01--2006, 02:40 PM
I've heard the Flu thing is cyclic and comes from various animal sources when it appears. Apparently as with everything else we are due another Flu epedemic.

17-01--2006, 03:14 PM
there were flu epidemics that wiped out millions long before we had factory farming, so i dont think bird flu is a result of this, but i think that the mad cow disease and foot and mouth could be a warning.

but lets face it - there are hundreds of warnings the whole time about what we're doing to the planet (last years weather for a start!) and no-one pays the slightest bit of attention to them.

in the big scale of things, although i feel very sorry for all the animals involved in things like this, i think we have much larger worries on our plates!

maybe people will learn one day that the way animals are treated is just not right, and not good for them or us, but i think the only way change will happen is if it affects people directly. we'd need something far more drastic than foot and mouth before people started to pay attention!

peace and love

17-01--2006, 03:23 PM
I think the diference between what the media hypes and the actual facts around issues like this are something you have to guess at. I believe that we are what we read/hear and the fact we all get it from different sources doesnt mean crap to me. From bird flu to the iraq war i've had people quote me 'facts' how the fuck do they know exactly :rolleyes:

17-01--2006, 03:30 PM
there were flu epidemics that wiped out millions long before we had factory farming But the cramped conditions of modern factory farming practices provide ideal conditions for disease to transmit and mutate rapidly.

17-01--2006, 08:29 PM
As Dok said, the conditions of factory farming are perfect for any of these diseases to rapidly grow and mutate... Really I think that should be enough warning for people to make steps towards keeping animals in a different way.

There are a whole load of things that people consider more important, but for the long term, I think the way our food is produced should be quite close to top of the list. To turn a blind eye to how millions of animals are farmed seems quite dangerous to me. Through such terrible methods of farming, people are creating livestock with extremely dangerous diseases - personally I don't think this only affects us either. I think all the genetically mucked around blah de blah that they put in animal foods as well, mixed in with the mutant diseases that are always coming about in such extensive conditions, creates a worrying concoction. This could easily spread to the crops and environment around us... I think it really is something people need to consider more.

Eeep i don't think any of that made sense at all:rolleyes: