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07-02--2008, 05:40 AM
Recipe for Sosmix and apple plait.

6 oz Sosmix
3 oz porridge oats
small onion, chopped
any apple, chopped (I usually use one that's going a bit manky in the bottom of the fruit bowl).
tsp mixed herbs or sage
black pepper
puff pastry (I buy a 325g block of frozen pastry for 60p in FarmFoods)
Just under 3/4 pint cold water (the onion and apple give off some liquid during cooking, so err on the slightly stiffer side for the mix).

Finely chop apple and onion (I do this in my food processor). Mix oats and Sosmix together in a bowl with herbs and pepper. Add water. Mix in chopped apple and onion. Mix all together until well combined. Leave to stand for 10-15mins. Divide block of pastry into 2 and roll each half into an oblong approx 30cm (12 in) by 20cm(8 in) on a floured work surface. Leaving a third down the length of the middle of the pastry untouched, make diagonal cuts on both sides of the pastry. Spoon half the sosmix stuff along the uncut centre of the pastry, dampen the cut edges with water, then fold the cut sections, alternating each side, over the filling until it resembles a plait. Repeat with the 2nd piece of pastry and the filling. You can brush the pastry with milk or egg but I don't usually bother.

Place on greased baking tin. Bake at gas 6 (sorry not sure of electric setting), just above centre of the oven for 30-40 mins until pastry is well risen and brown.

Serves 6 very generously, or 8 with smaller portions.

You could also make into individual plaits, like sausage rolls, for lunch boxes etc. You could also add finely chopped mushrooms and peppers, and omit the apple if liked.

07-02--2008, 08:40 PM