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10-07--2007, 06:46 PM
This is Chris' recipe:

Half a pack of butter,
Most of a packet of granulated sugar,
Small tin of evaporated milk
Table spoon of golden syrp
Vanilla escence (or another escence) to taste(Chris doesn't really do measuring!)

Melt the butter in large heavy-based pan (on low heat to stop it burning).
Stir in the sugar.
Stir until the sugar is disolved. The texture changes and it stops being crunchy - Chris says "I can't really describe it, but the texture is definately different".
Mix in the evappoated milk and the syrup.
Bring it to the boil and reduce the heat, make sure you keep stiring regularly (or it will stick and burn), until it changes colour - it becomes a golden brown colour.
Take it off the heat and beat it to get some air in. The texture changes again. To test the consistancy, put a small drop into a glass of cold water and it should form a solid 'ball'.
Pour into a tray and leave it to cool. Put it in the fridge overnight (or until solid).
Cut it into pieces.If you want to put nuts or raisins in, add them at the boiling stage.

He says it might take a few goes to get it right!