View Full Version : Milk - am i addicted or just a pushover?

03-03--2006, 08:36 PM
Hmm... Tom would go mad at my thinking that i'm addicted to products with milk in, because he believes that 'addiction' is a term too loosely used and generally overrated. But arrgh i'm finding it hard to cut out of my diet!

I have to admit though that when I have alternatives available I find it easier to stick to. When i'm at home I usually manage to stick to being milk free. When I went to my stay with my friend in Yorkshire, I bought myself a carton of some 'free from' range soya milk. I'm not particularly keen on soya milk, generally preferring rice milk, but I bought it anyway and did use it quite a lot. However, sophie is so used to using milk that whenever she made us a coffee or a tea, she'd put her normal milk in automatically. Instantly the excuse that i didn't want to waste the mug of coffee would come into my mind and i'd end up drinking it.... After that i'd think to myseslf "well i've messed up again, so i might as well just not bother trying today". And the same seems to happen a lot :eek: .

I think it's partly because i'm so used to my just 'careful eating', where i only have local or free range milk. So seeing the fresh, glass bottle of milk that is delivered from a farm down the road to sophie's place, made part of me automatically think "oooooh that's really good milk, i can have that". Or something. Hmm. :rolleyes:.

I haven't had any milk products that in my eyes are from 'bad sources'.... But if I look at it on another level (how i've been thinking of it a lot more recently), it is a bad source anyway. Personally I don't think cows milk is meant for humans anyway. I also really disagree with the chemicals in the milk and the treatment of the cows on most dairy businesses. Even the local dairy farms have to treat it as a business. It always appears to be money before welfare. Which I seriously disagree with.

So why am I finding going milk free so hard?

Any tips?



03-03--2006, 09:47 PM
haha, i gaveup milk forabout 3 months.... after xmas i thought 'i'll just get a pint of milk every now and again coz i might die without it, coz im not handling this turning vegan thing too well...' and um, well, im on my 2nd 2pint bottle this week.... :eek: i'd buy one pint and down it... so buy another the next week,... and do the same, so went for 2 pints this week, and brought another earlier on!! its addictive in its own little way... but i proved i could give it up... im just making up for it now... eep

14-03--2006, 07:03 PM
It's harrd isn't it! I think with the amount of things that milk products are in, it is easy to see how hard it would be to wean yourself off of it!

I think the key for me is lots and lots of alternatives. If there are cakes in the kitchen with milk in and stuff, it is really hard to resist - but if there is nothing to be tempted by, it's not so bad.


15-03--2006, 12:28 PM
I think it would be very very hard to make the initial transition to being vegan or dairy free when living with people who weren't also following that diet. I was lucky that my flat was already compltely organic and vegan when i moved in so i became vegan with no thought whatsoever-checking lables just became the norm.
My advise would just to be to take things slowely sunny, it will be hard with lots of temptations. Perhaps see if you can buy in alternatives so you can be tempted by them instead, either that or convince Kate to become Vegan too-:whistle: good luck!
*big hugs*
In Dharma,
x x x