View Full Version : Film Festival in Bradford next weekend!

02-10--2005, 01:40 PM
It runs Saturday and Sunday October 8th and 9th 2005

Location 1 in 12 Club, 21-23 Albion Street, Bradford, West Yorkshire
Title Films on the Edge - 1 in 12 Film Festival

Here's the write up:

The Films on the Edge festival brings anarchist and radical films and discussions to West Yorkshire.

Films featured include: Emma Goldman: An Exceedingly Dangerous Woman, The Take, An Injury To One, Chumbawumba's Well Done Now Sod Off, and Aurora de Esperanza (Dawn of hope). Go to the 1 in 12 web site for a full program of events.

06-10--2005, 08:49 PM
anyone going to this?

Me and a few friends will be around for the weekend, so drop me a line;)