View Full Version : Vegan My Sexy Sauce

14-03--2006, 12:56 AM
1 Onion
1 leek
4 Sticks Celery
6 Cherry Tomatoes
1 Tin Plum Tomatoes
1/2 Tub vegan Yoghurt
1/2 Teaspoon Chilli powder
Dash Soy sauce
Dash of Soya milk
Sea Salt & Black pepper
1 Deep wok

Peel and dice the onion, the leek and celery, till small....fry in deep wok, sprinkle a dash of Soy sauce. Once the oinions are fryed, half the cherry tomatoes, and add to the wok. Add the tin of plum tomatoes and youghurt and stir...add the dash of soya milk....and the chilli powder..Stir occasionally and cook for bout 10 mins, but DO NOT allow to boil. You can add some VEGAN tomato sauce, or chilli powder for extra taste. For a smooth sauce, wait till its cooled, then blender/juicer it.....

Serve with anything...its a sexy sauce!!! :D

This sauce, works well, as a chilli base....or with a stew....