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28-03--2006, 08:41 PM
Me and Rae where watching a show on channel 4 about dog shows (its me or the dog)
Some of the dogs on there are pretty pretty!!!! But they are to perfect, they showed the dogs in stools where they had to stay until its their time, they where perfectly groomed, walked by the owners etc.

Now I think of Milo - he would chew the stool thing to death - thats if he couldnt eascape, he doesnt/wont talk near us, at the moment he is muddy, matted (only a bit behind his ears lol) and on the sofa next to my mum

the dogs must have soooooo much training!!!! I dont think they are fair really - the animals should be free - not for us to show of

P.S Rae said that victoria thingy is a virgin and will never get laid - she also would like to add there is nothing wrong with virgins just she is OOOOoorrible

28-03--2006, 10:10 PM
God I saw a bit of that programme a few weeks back. It made me want to turn my eyelids inside out and smear them with chilli. It couldn't be more painful!

I used to go to a lot of little dogshows when I was a kid with my mum n dad. I never saw dogs in cages or perfectly 'pruned' pups. It was fun, for both dog and person. It starts to get bad when it becomes a profession, the dog becomes an asset rather than a living creature.

28-03--2006, 10:27 PM
It made me want to turn my eyelids inside out and smear them with chilli. It couldn't be more painful!OK, 5 minutes after I posted that I rubbed my eye with my hand that I'd handled chilli with. I've changed my mind. Didn't even need to turn my eyelids inside-out! It burnsss usssss........:cry:

29-03--2006, 03:08 AM
Iv seen that show...Arrrrr.....that infernal woman,she drives Spike and me up the wall. Me boy, is never well groomed, he loves the mud..N rainy days rock.

I agree Earth Whirler..its cruel, when the dogs sole purpose, is to win medals, for the owner.