View Full Version : Badgers and TB

10-04--2006, 11:16 AM
I heard a farmer on the radio who had decided to go organic with his dairy cattle some years ago. During tests he found some of his cattle had TB. This made him wonder why badgers should have so much TB and he realised that they really love maize. He did lots of feeding experiments with his cows and found that cattle fed grass and clover get less TB than ones on maize. And maize is short on selenium. He began to wonder if the badgers eating so much maize were also short of selinium. So now he leaves a bucket of selinium rich food outside every badger set near his land every 6 months. Result: no TB in his cattle. This needs a lot of research but the whole idea of him working with nature and trying to get to the bottom of the issue seems so obvious yet so rare.

Instead we have a kind of two-sided argument between people saying 'we must kill badgers - they spread TB' and those saying 'no, we mustn't'

10-04--2006, 08:37 PM
That kind of argument seems to sum the world up these days. It's all black or white with no grey areas. Discussions are becoming increasingly difficult as people feel the need to be firmly on the side of one argument which can close them off to listening to all sides.

That's quite radical of a farmer to work out the solution to a problem, if only more people used their brains instead of blaming and expecting answers to come from elsewhere.