View Full Version : Veggie aubergine yummyness

09-05--2006, 01:23 AM
heya heres a nice quick snacky bit i did today along with a friend egg and some chips.

slice up some aubergine at about 1cm thick
drizzle honey over the whole slice, dip into egg then sprinkle flower over it.

Stick it into a frying pan with some hot oil allready in and fry untill its soft and the honey has gone all dark and caramelised slightly...mmm mmm mmmmmmmm yummy!! and really supperbly quick to do!

little d
19-05--2006, 01:28 PM
try a dipping the aubergine in beer batter and deep fry!
put your jar of honey in a bowl of hot water this will make it runny
serve with vanilla ice cream and drizzled warm honey!