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21-05--2006, 02:16 PM
Every nineteen years on June 11th the Lunar Standstill takes place and a lot of people travel up to Callinesh Stone Circle on the Isle of Lewis to watch it and celebrate and do ceremony and dance and drum and sing and have a good old time. I was born on the Lunar Standstill nineteen years ago and I desperately want to try and get there this year for the celebrations. It's extremely important for me to get there but I have no transport or way of getting up there. Elliot had sugested that he might be able to give me a lift up there but I haven't heard from him so I'm opening this up to the forum. If I can't get a lift up there by Elliot (which I'm thinking I can't), would anybody here be interested in coming up for the celebrations and giving me a lift? I'd be more than willing to put in petrol money and I'm pretty sure I could get us somewhere to stay for free while we're up there.

This is open to anyone anyway, even if they can't give me a lift. You should try to get there people, it should be amazing - a very important astrological event.

Please reply here or send me a PM. I'm getting a bit desperate:rolleyes:

Love and cuddles,


21-05--2006, 04:49 PM
Don't thionk I can make it this year but I've heard it's a gas of an event! Hope you have an ace time. As to transport, you can do it by public transport - probably a day's travel either way. You want the bus to Glasgow, then the bus to Uig (about three per day, 4 and a half hours), ferry Uig to Tarbert on Harris (about two per day, twoish hours), bus to Stornoway, then I think there's a local bus to Calanais from there but it's close enough to cycle there, I did it in about two hours in high winds.

22-05--2006, 10:23 AM
You can also go via the ullapool ferry to stornoway-which in my opinion is much better(have been going on that ferry since I was 1yr old!) The Hebridean celtic festival is also on that weekend, so there will be loads and loads of people going up to the island-but also means that all the accomadation will be fully booked already. Try www.hebceltfest.com (http://www.hebceltfest.com) Lovely people who are all going to the fest-might be able to get a lift from someone there.
Would offer you a lift with us but if we do go our car will be full to the brim i'm afraid. hope that helps!

22-05--2006, 11:46 AM
i know a lot people that said they'd be camping on the beach.

22-05--2006, 12:18 PM
I wanna go! I love the moon.

i'm gonna look more into it. brb

23-05--2006, 06:54 PM
Public transport is really my last option. I'm always given hassle on public transport - either they wont let me on with my bags and staff or they say that they won't take gypsies! Because the first Lunar standstill of my life was the day I was born and the second is this coming standstill, it feels really important for me to be there. I know that it's going to be an important part of my second 19 year cycle to start it at Callinesh Circle.

S0ck, do you have a vehicle? If your really interested in going maybe we could work something out.

Love and hugs,


01-06--2006, 09:07 PM
Have you thought of hitching? My son's mum lives on Lewis and he quite often hitches Leeds > Edinburgh > Inverness > Ullapool. In good weather the Ullapool > Stornoway crossing must surely be one of the best journeys int' world!

02-06--2006, 08:56 PM
I'm sure it is but that ferry is fucking expensive, over 100 each way if ur in a car! I think that I've almost secured a lift up to the island and back so the panic is over for now. Should be absolutely spectacular, and an amazing 19th birthday!

02-06--2006, 11:38 PM
I visited Callanish in 1997 and it has to be my most favorite of all the ancient sites I have visited and I can tell you that is a fair few on this fair Isle :) It is truly magical and comprises of several groups of stones with in a few miles of each other .....the main site is the shape of a Celtic cross from an Ariel view!!

I loved it so much I called my Son Lewis Callanish...

Anyway, I would have loved to go to this years gathering, as it is supposed to be fantastic... one so called event at Callanish, is where the moon goes through the standing stones and it look like you are standing in the moon ..so called the man in the moon ceremony :0)

This link tells you more ..... http://www.geo.org/callan.htm (http://www.geo.org/callan.htm)

And the sleeping beauty mountain range behind is supposed to look like she is giving birth to the moon ...magical!! I will make it one day to this :) especially as I hope to live up that way in a few years time :)

Have a great time to those who are going....I will be there in spirit :)

Irish Hippy
03-06--2006, 12:01 PM
Lol.... stormy u sell it very well

ever think of becoming a business woman ;)

03-06--2006, 12:03 PM
Lol.... stormy u sell it very well

ever think of becoming a business woman ;)

Hehehe :D

Tis a place very dear to my heart :)