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13-10--2005, 03:26 PM
hello:D i just have a few things on my mind so i'd thoguht i'd share. i'm not a vegan or vagetarian but have started to feel abit guitly with my lifestlye and the way i treat other anaimals. you see i like to think i care about anaimals and other living things, which i still think i do. yet i still eat meat.plus to shame myself more i work for a company that is no dowt killing millions of helpless animals every year.which really would inply that i don't give a shit.mybe i'm just fooling myself into beliving that a care for things more than i actully do. making me feel like i'm a better person than i really am.I mean if someone said to me go kill that sheep other there and we'll cook up some lamb chops for tea, i just could't do it but i eat lamp chops from the supermaret.i just find it hard to exsept the conection between the pretty little steak on my plate and the killing of a anaimal. i know the conection is here just my brain chooses not to listen while i wolf down steak.then after i get mad at myself for not caring.hopefully soon i will just grow up and start making changes toward what i want to be.

what i want to know is, do most people go though this stage before becomeing a vegatian? do you still like to eat meat but choose not to, rather than you are just unable to eat it becouse of what it is?
and what stages did you go though before becoming a vegetarian or vegan?

sorry if this post makes no sence they often don't when i read them back :insane: i'm just trying take explan how i feel and hopefully make some steps toward being less selfish in the way i live my ilfe.

13-10--2005, 04:05 PM
That's exactly how I felt before I went vegetarian. I fought it for a long time, because I was intimidated by the idea of giving up meat - I didn't think I could do it. In the end, I decided to try and quit meat for one week to see how hard or easy it would be. That was seventeen years ago, and I never looked back.

I was lucky and never missed the taste of meat. I used to really enjoy it when I ate it, but for some reason after I went veggie I never craved it at all. This is different for everyone though. Some people end up really missing it, and they're often the ones who slip back into eating meat.

We're all involved in things that cause cruelty to a greater or lesser degree. Even using a computer is environmentally damaging. I guess it comes down to making the choices to do what you feel able to do. Vegetarianism is an obvious choice, because meat eating is something that we do every day. It's also a very personal form of cruelty, in that we actually consume the animal that's been abused, taking it into our bodies. I guess this is one of the reasons that I personally feel so strongly about it compared to lots of other worthy causes.

On another note, it's not just the killing of the animals that vegetarians generally object to. In many ways, the way they're treated while they're alive is a lot worse.

13-10--2005, 04:15 PM
what i want to know is, do most people go though this stage before becomeing a vegatian? do you still like to eat meat but choose not to, rather than you are just unable to eat it becouse of what it is?
and what stages did you go though before becoming a vegetarian or vegan?

Hi, i went through a similiar phase, I used to eat *alot* of meat when i was young, (i even hated vegetables!!) and then i started to think about where my food was coming from and i reseached. I always loved animals and i knew i could never ever kill one for food. So i came to the conclusion that i had no right to eat meat. I had eaten meat alternatives before and i thought that the fake chicken was good enough for me.
before i went veggie, for about 2 months i used to cry after i'd eaten cuz i'd felt like the worst person in the world, so i went veggie one day, i had a paella the night before & then woke up and never ate any meat since (or fish).
When i went i did still like meat so it was just choice, now i hate the idea of ever eating it again.

i made a couple of small steps, just tried alternatives and then i just jumped. if you want to go to just check out the web sites, look into it. meat.org and goveg.com, things like that.

anyway i've been writing for too long and have to run off to work.
take care

13-10--2005, 06:21 PM
From a small child I hated meat and my parents were forever hiding it in other foods. Then When I was about 15/16 I went totally veggie, after not eating most meat anyway. Moreso coz I just didnt like the taste, and the killing of animals like Lambs really upset me. The when I was about 18 I started going to animal rights demos and before I knew it I was vegan at 19. I couldn't be a hypocrite anymore.

As Dok says it is the way the animals are kept in factory farms or animal concentration camps that goes against the grain of most veggies /vegans. And also nowadays the health is an issue for me too, as look at all the meat related diseases from unnatural keeping of animals like BSE, ecoli, etc...

I think you have started thinking in the way that most veggies do before becoming veggie, you have associated the killing of animals with not being able to do it yourself. I would only ever eat meat now if I had killed it from the wild and did all the preparation. But I couldn't do that and luckly we are fortunate not to have too. Also the more you look into it the way animals are kept for human consumption is appauling, even free range isn't always as free as you are led to believe.

I wish you luck with coming to the veggie stage. Think of animals as friends, what pleasure they give us when they are alive, not to be used and abused. Would you eat your dog or your cat? some countries would. What is the difference between eating a dog or a cow? they are all sentient beings that can feel pain. My motto, never eat anything with a face on it (not even a clock hehehe) :0)

Anyway, good luck, its good to see more folk starting to get a conscience :)

13-10--2005, 07:44 PM
i went thru that phaze too, i was a big meat eater, if it wasnt for the fact it used to be alive and suffered id still be eating loads of it. i cant deny the fact i think meat tastes dead nice(or nice dead) although i know loads of veggies dont share that view.
if you do want to give up eating meat though, i suggest you just carry on with the same train of thought that your in now and youll come to the same conclusion the rest of us did.

13-10--2005, 07:53 PM
i think meat tastes dead nice(or nice dead) although i know loads of veggies dont share that view.I've got more respect for veggies like yourself, actually. It's a lot harder to give up something you really miss. :thumbup:

13-10--2005, 08:56 PM
thanks alot for sharing. i'm gunna go a week and see how it goes,it's not going to hurt trying...i'll report back

13-10--2005, 09:06 PM
Cooooool WELL DONE YOU :wiggle: :broc:

13-10--2005, 09:15 PM
Good luck, dude :clap: :thumbup:

13-10--2005, 09:17 PM
i got that.it was funny. i gave up red meat then white about a year after. but the whole time i was like 'oooh how do i survive'. and when i finally broke away my mum got really worried. and it acutally took me a while to find the stuff i eat today. i got very anemic a few times when i was a newbie veggie. but think ive got it now. and theres a lot of stuff ilike around- that was my biggest fear, thinking that id be eating veg only for the rest of my life

Dready Warrior
13-10--2005, 09:22 PM
hi shaun... i have only been a veggi for a year although i was veggi for a while when i was a teenager. i felt pretty much like you, most days on my route to work i passed trucks with chickens/lambs/cows/pigs going off to be slaughtered and it makes me so upset. although i enjoyed eating meat i dont really miss it but i do miss fish loads as i was a big fish eater. i have relapsed a couple of times when it comes to fish eating. once when i was in spain on holiday and once after reading shane mcgowens book (ex pogues front man, he's a veggi who eats fish). the fish issue is something that i struggle with a lot. good luck with your meat free week!
:broc: :broc: :broc: :broc: :broc:

16-10--2005, 02:41 PM
Hope it's going well for you Shaun - if it doesn't - don't give yourself a hard time, just keep trying!

I never ate much of anything as a child, I wasn't fussy in the sense that I never ate vegetables n stuff but we had a very basic, cheap diet, so sausages n mash were never really appealing, or corned beef - euuurrghhhh!!! People still eat that stuff! What put me off meat were the gristly bits, the fat and the bones, for example, I could eat chicken, but only if it was 'clean' looking. I never thought about where meat came from (although apparently when my mum told me about lambs when I was 4 I cried!) until I was barely a teenager, I don't think I had any idea that you didn't have to eat meat. I think it was my older brother who went veggie - he was doing a Saturday job in a butchers - he opened my eyes to the possibility of a non-meat diet. So at 13 years old, I went veggie. At that same time I went to Majorca for a week with my grand-parents and all I could find to eat was chicken, even salads were rare (didn't help my nan was very anti-vegetarian) so I had no support or choice and lost heart. It was about a year later that I tried again, I'd researched more and talked about it with my mum who was very supportive - she knew what I needed to be eating to stay healthy, although, to be honest, I never ate properly anyway!

I was lucky that I never liked much meat. I became a strict veggie straight away so I found it frustrating if my mum had bought a treat of some kind and it had animal fat or gelatin in, that used to really upset me! But I still stuck to it. I didn't want to be any part of the meat industry and I didn't want to consume any part of a dead animal. I did slip once, 5 years later, I used to work with food and meat (before I decided I'd stop) and was doing a 3 day promotion of fried breakfasts - up at 5.30am, usually with no breakfast, and I cracked and went for a bacon sandwich. Yes the smell of bacon got me. Took one bite and the thing was disgusting! Really chewy and over-salty, it was foul and I'll certainly never do that again! In a way I'm glad I did, at least I got a craving out of my system, it sort of puts things into perspective, y'know the whole what do you want and what do you really want, the difference between fantasy and reality. Anyway, not going there, that would be :topic:

16-10--2005, 07:53 PM
hello poeple:) thanks for the comments again, had a pretty bad day today. it was going really well and i was amazed at how many really tasty meals i could make without using meat. i was exspecting to give up looking forward to meals you know, but it's really not like that at all.theres loads of great meals i can cook up! i give in today at work though, i was cooking meat all day so i wasnt up to my best. i think work is gunna prove to be a problam. but i'm still gunna stay away from meat as much as i can.i'm bound to have a few slip up's. i think it's just down to building up strength and reminding myself of the reality of what i'm eating.mybe looking for a new job would be helpful but it's alot to give up to some extent.i'll just have to see how things go. thanks again for your coments it's helped me to get a better understanding of where i'm at.

much love :wiggle:

18-10--2005, 12:42 PM
What is it you do Shaun? I used to work in restaurants waitressing and doing kitchen stuff and I just ignored the meat thing but after a while I just got to the point where I felt I didn't have to work with meat and fortunately for me I then moved to Glastonbury where the town is full of veggie eateries and it became a non-issue. Like I said before, don't give yourself a hard time, do what you can and what you feel is right. And yes, good veggie food is very yummy! :broc:

18-10--2005, 01:31 PM
I would of thought cooking meat all day would put you off rather than encourage you to eat it. Unless your parents liked cooking a variety of foodstuffs it can be a problem just knowing how to cook a lot of meatless meals. If you can enjoy cooking food yourself instead of snacking you'll probably find it easier.

Good Luck with it young man. :)

19-10--2005, 12:23 AM
i work at mcdonals, worikng with meat i know you might thin would put you off but it just tries me .and end up thinking welll i've been cooking maet all day, might as well eat it.which makes me question why i'm doing this anyway. but i find it easy outside of work, and on a more selffish(?) note feel good about my self for doing it. i'm not to sobber right now so i'll recap on this later, but in all i think things are moving the right way......much love shaun