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25-07--2006, 08:22 PM
Street Performance World Championship
05-Aug-2006 to: 06-Aug-2006 </I>
http://www.dublinks.com/images/back.gif (http://www.dublinks.com/#) http://www.dublinks.com/images/dot.gifDublin hosts the inaugural Street Performance World Championship at Merrion Square on the 5th and 6th of August.

http://www.dublinks.com/assets/0/ED0AB511-B2F6-BB84-827D0B0E94E688FF_big_image/image_Street_Performance_World_Ch.gif For the first time Dublin city, long famous for its busking tradition, is providing a public celebration of this unique and beautiful art form with two days of free fun and thrills for the public.

The inaugural Street Performance World Championship kicks off on the bank holiday weekend in Dublin with ten of the best professional street performance artists in the world competing for the title of Street Performance World Champion.

A professional street performer is a busker who has dedicated their life to their art, entertaining for whatever price the audience deems they are worth.

Unlike virtually any other art form, the audience get to watch the show first and only afterwards do they decide if the performance deserves a token of their appreciation.

120 acts applied from all over the world with the top 10 making it through to the final, which is being held in Ireland for the first time. The 10 finalists will travel from the USA, Canada, Australia, UK, France, Sweden, Portugal and of course, Ireland.

A wonderful show from the world's top performers, the competition will perform 40 exiting free show over two days featuring music, acrobats, juggling and circus acts with 20,000 people expected to attend the event over the bank holiday weekend.

Expect to see a Space Cowboy juggling fire and knives on a 10-foot unicycle while blindfolded and only using one foot, or Mike Wood building a catapult on stage and launching a cabbage into the air to be caught on a spike on his head.

The Piano Juggler will thrill you with his art of bouncing 5 balls off his bounce-piano to play classical music or you can sit back and be enthralled by Pedro Tochas and his mime-clown antics that never fail to raise a smile.

A select panel of expert judges will pick the winner on the final day but you can help by giving your biggest shouts and applause to the most original and awe-inspiring performer of the competition.

A fantastic day of busking for all the family, the Street Performance World Championship will take place at Merrion Square on the 5th and 6th of August.

Street Performance World Championship is generously supported by Dublin City Council, Fáilte Ireland, FM104, the Arts Council and the Irish Hotels Federation.

Street Performace World Championship (http://www.spwc.ie/)

Time: 12pm to 6pm
Admission is free

Merrion Square
Dublin 2.

http://www.dublinks.com/images/dot.gifVenue Merrion Square