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02-11--2005, 09:34 PM
I've often wodered if labels such as vegetarian and vegan put people off doing as much as they could. For instance, I'm veggie, but I totally support the moral case for veganism. I don't feel able to adopt a vegan diet, but I am interested in reducing my dairy use substantially. I think these shades of grey are useful contirbutions, but I think sometimes people are put off doing their bit by the idea that you have to be veggie, vegan or nothing.

02-11--2005, 11:41 PM
I think anything in life is always a work in progress, when you adopt something new into your life it's almost always part of taking a step towards a goal or an ideal - so those shades of grey are steps on the way to whatever it is you're aiming for and as valid as any other step you're taking.
I guess it's like climbing stairs, it's the top landing you're aiming for but the first, second steps etc ... are just as important because without them you'd never leave the hall, making vegetarianism/veganism a black and white "there" or "not there" judgment is pretty much akin to standing near the top of the stairs pulling faces.

03-11--2005, 08:57 PM
its not putting me off. im eating what i want. when i want, how i want. for the reasons i want to be doing it. i know that from friends i get a lot of support and respect for doing what i want so i dont see why i should get bothered by any lables. im veggie... but im changing my diet a bit more everytime i shop in some way, pushing towards vegan. but i know i will never properly be vegan

but i totally agree with firinne,well and dok. loadsa inbetweeeeeens

03-11--2005, 09:35 PM
I felt like you did Dok about becomming vegan but now I am... but I am a tad different from many vegans in the fact meat looks smells and tastes delicious yet I have never gone back and eaten it......

04-11--2005, 08:28 PM
I often think about becoming Fruitarian/raw food diet, which is an exstreme in many people eyes. But it wouldn't be permantly and would be more for health reasons that anything else, to detox for a while. I personally couldn't do it permantly as I know it can do stuff to your mental health, from what friends who have been down that road have said - emotions etc.. Obviously I can't do it at the mo or while I breast feed but I may try and do it for a while in the future!! :carrot: :broc: