Hi there

    UKHippy.com started in 2005 and now in its 8th year. In that time we have grown to nearly 12 thousand members, 50 thousand topics with over a million posts! We have people from all areas of the UK Scene - people who were there in the 60s & 70s right up to present day!

    But that's not all, and it's certainly not the main thing!

    We started because we felt that the UK counter-culture was really lacking a way for people to connect and network with others with a similar perspective. Yes, there were sites in America, and there were plenty of other forums, but the UK needed something tailored specifically to our scene and our history!

    So, the most important and heart-warming thing is that, over the last few years, there have been countless friendships made, partnerships formed, babies born, and lives potentially saved as a direct result of UKHippy! People have prospered and thrived as a result of this site!

    We want this to continue!

    We like to think we've done well - we've had our ups and downs, and although we've been quieter than usual lately, we want this site to continue to grow and flourish.

    We've had a bit of a moderation change recently, and are planning some software updates soon - especially on the mobile side of things ... but while it's all too easy to blame the increased popularity of sites like Facebook and the use of mobile apps, we're still a different type of community!

    Facebook and social networking sites are great for staying connected with old mates, but they'll never broaden your horizons in quite the same way as an UKHippy does!

    So, if you haven't been to visit for a while, here are 10 good reasons why you should keep coming back!

    1. Get involved in intense debates and express your opinion.
    2. Network and exchange ideas.
    3. Meet NEW people and make NEW friends!
    4. Laugh and joke and take part in silliness!
    5. Get in-depth support with serious issues.
    6. Learn to survive the system and find you're way around the law.
    7. Discover new skills and share your talents.
    8. Broaden your horizons.
    9. Come to gatherings, meet people and get involved in something that goes beyond the net.
    10. Plus, really - we're not Facebook and never plan to be!

    This is YOUR Forum!

    Ultimately this is YOUR website - it's members like you who donate to its upkeep and it's your input and posts that keep it alive.

    There may only be a few of us running of the place, but all of you have the power to make it the best resource of its kind - so let's make this happen!

    Best Regards

    UKHippy Admin
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