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  • Forum Activity

    The Original Laney

    The "What are you listening to?" thread!!

    Thread Starter: The Original Laney

    Every music forum has to have one... Sticky it baby !! :mrgreen:

    Last Post By: verticalis48 26-09--2017, 01:56 AM Go to last post
    Red Dragon

    We should have stayed or Why it's good we're leaving!

    Thread Starter: Red Dragon

    The Remain or Leave Poll thread has had more than 1,000 comments but it's not easy to find the statements from either those who...

    Last Post By: alices wonderland 26-09--2017, 01:27 AM Go to last post
    Rainbow Phoenix

    What ya doin?

    Thread Starter: Rainbow Phoenix

    I'm bored. Got a kitchen that needs tidying and bins that need to be put out so obviously I'm dicking about on here killing...

    Last Post By: zentree 26-09--2017, 12:41 AM Go to last post

    What have you 'Wombled' today?

    Thread Starter: aman

    Remember the Wombles? They are small fury creatures that live on Wimbledon Common and pick up and re-purpose things that other...

    Last Post By: vanwoman84 26-09--2017, 12:41 AM Go to last post

    Bought a 4x4 Sprinter.

    Thread Starter: popuptoaster

    Got me project van, probably wont be a permanent live aboard but the plan is to take my time getting it done then go out on a...

    Last Post By: alices wonderland 26-09--2017, 12:18 AM Go to last post

    Scrutinizing the scrutiny of organic food.

    Thread Starter: Duckman

    On a number of "science" FB groups I have often noticed the same topic come up in a number of different groups. Fairly recently...

    Last Post By: oldkeith 25-09--2017, 11:46 PM Go to last post

    A good idea?

    Thread Starter: Duckman

    Near where I live, a new, thirty something owner of a house is in the process of ripping up the low maintenance front garden -...

    Last Post By: wurzel 25-09--2017, 11:31 PM Go to last post

    Am I alone.

    Thread Starter: InventiveTIm

    I grew up in tipi valley in south Wales ....left got married lived the "normal" life and it never felt right decided to live the...

    Last Post By: losingbaggage 25-09--2017, 11:04 PM Go to last post

    Feral tomatoes

    Thread Starter: vanwoman84

    Right, I've found a tiny grove of 20 or so plants growing in some fly tipped soil. The plants still seem to be coming up! I've...

    Last Post By: vanwoman84 25-09--2017, 10:48 PM Go to last post

    Am I being stupid

    Thread Starter: puppy999

    Hia long time since I posted (and yes some of you will say "you said this a few yrs ago") but it didn't happen as I was doing it...

    Last Post By: puppy999 25-09--2017, 10:42 PM Go to last post