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UK Hippy FAQ

Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links or search box below to find your way around.

How is this site moderated

There are several ways that we can moderate the behaviour on the site. The terms and conditions were designed to protect both the site and the members, so we do our best to ensure that these are adhered to. If you see content that is potentially troublesome then please report it to us. This is for the benefit of everyone here and is not meant to be restrictive or oppressive.

The current methods of moderation are as follows.

  • Removal of offending posts. If a user posts something that is in breach of site terms then that post will be removed, or the offending content edited from that post. This also applies to images and attachments as well as text.
  • Closing the offending topic. This is when the discussion has degenerated into a personal argument that is no longer constructive, or when continuing the discussion would be in breach of site terms.
  • Deleting the topic. Sometimes closing a topic will leave offending content visible to all and potentially cause further aggravation. If this is the case then we will remove the discussion completely. Deleted discussions are often archived for reference purposes.
  • Kicking a member from the discussion. If a member is causing trouble then we can close the discussion to them. They will not be able to view it and will not be allowed back in.
  • Restricting a member from an area of the site. If a member is causing trouble in one particular area of the site (for example, private messaging, blogs, a single forum etc.) then access to that feature can be removed on a per member basis. We can also remove all ability for a member to contact other members.
  • Putting a member on probation. If a member is continually offensive then we have the option to put them "on probation". This severely reduces their site privileges. They will not be able to use the private message system and all posts and images will need approval by the management before going live.
  • Banning a member. This option will remove all access from the site. The member will not be able to see any content at all and will have no account access. Bans can be anything from a couple of days to permanent. We can ban IP addresses and email accounts as well as usernames.

Why has a member been banned?

Like most other forums, there are very clear terms and conditions on this site that you have to agree to in order to be a member. If a member is banned it will be because they are in breach of the agreeement they made when they signed up.

Very often, if a member has been banned, it will because we have tried several other means to get them to play nicely. Except in cases of deliberate troublemaking and spamming, we only use banning as a very last resort.

If someone you know has been banned, we strongly advise that you do not start topics asking why that person was banned or even ask for the member to be reinstated. Please consider that the ban might have been for something that happened away from the forum that you weren't aware of, and we would really rather not discuss such matters with people who it does not concern. Even with banned members we try to afford them some privacy, and unless the matter concerns everyone we are very unlikely to make the reasons public.

Therefore any questions relating to the ban may be removed.

When a moderator bans someone they have an option to enter the "reason for banning" to show the member when they next try to log in; if we feel that the reason is totally obvious then we may skip this step. However, it is fair to say that nobody has ever been banned from this site for 'no reason' and it is not something we do randomly for fun.

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