Guarana energy ball recipe- vegan, gluten free and delicious

-Raisins/ dates- two handfuls
-Sunflower seeds- 1 tablespoon
-Pumpkin seeds- i tablespoon
-Linseeds- 1 tablespoon
-Sesame seeds- I tablespoon
-Guarana powder- make up the mixture and and estimate the number of balls and add a gram per ball into the mix
Dessicated coconut/ cocoa powder (optional)

-Blend the raisins and seeds until it is fine and has a sticky texture, (save enough sesame and linseeds to roll and cover the balls).
-Add the required guarana powder into the mix and work in with your hands.
-Prepare some sesame and linseeds on a plate and roll each ball into the seeds until they are covered (this can be alternated with dessicated coconut or cocoa powder)

Try to keep them in the fridge until you want to eat them

Enjoy- Peace