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Thread: Spotted - Was it you?

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    Spotted - Was it you?

    Dunno if we have a who spotted who on the roads thread as I ain't seen one before on the forum - so I thought I try here

    Saw a lovelly red/white minibus conversion last night/evening on the M62 by the little house on the pairee or what ever they call it now (heading towards Manchester on the top of the peaks)

    Bus is a Iveco - red bottom half / white top half with 2 red surf/waves on either side and all blacked out windows.

    Hello from the Wilkco driver that came past you and gave you a truckers thanks with the indicators.

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    So anyone here?
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    Is there another spotted thread anywhere? I thought I remembered one but I can't find it?

    Anyway, a 13 plate white Peugeot, (with a small Seitz window on each side) pulled up next to me in Wickes car park in Grantham. I didn't knock as the cab curtain was closed and the blinds were down.

    Anybody we know?!
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