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Thread: Is anyone home schooling? Or been home schooled themselves?

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    Is anyone home schooling? Or been home schooled themselves?

    Hi there, I hope I've got the right forum for this...
    I'm trying to gather information on home schooling in the UK (and the rest of the world too) mainly for a project I am doing, and of course my own interest on the integration of music within home schooling. I've done some short questionnaires (7 questions tops) for people to answer, should they wish, about how they personally go about home-schooling and why they've made that choice etc. I've tried not to be at all intrusive with the questions & you are absolutely welcome to use a false name if preferred. Your 'address' and other bits n bobs like that aren't needed.

    There are three questionnaires; Parents home schooling, kids that are currently being home schooled and adults that were home schooled.

    If anyone would be interested in answering a questionnaire it would be massively helpful to me if you could message me on here.

    Also, if anyone is in the Bristol/Somerset area who would be happy for an interview to be recorded by either audio or video please drop me a message as that would be equally fantastic and helpful.

    Thanks very much :-)

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    yes. but in the UK it is called elective home education. most of us are wary of answering questionnaires because of LA intrusion and hassle. education otherwise is a decent website if you want some resources. what/who is your project for?
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    I would want to see a consent form and a brief regarding the project before I answered anything folks. Thats what we have to provide.
    If you are not happy, permission to back out whenever and you know the purpose of the study and that anonimity will be respected before during and after ie what will happen to the questionaires afterwards.

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