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Thread: Where to hang out in Kentish Town

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    Question Where to hang out in Kentish Town

    Hello all!

    Cruising down to London at the end of the month for a Blue Oyster Cult gig at the O2 Forum, and was wondering if anybody has any tips on good pubs or any other good places to hang out in Kentish Town? Haven't been in that part of the world myself for a million years.



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    Hello again all!

    Well, I don't know how uncool it is to answer your own post, but anyway just got back from London and can report that the Abbey Tavern, on the east side of Kentish Town Road, has good garden and terrace seating areas out back with some big trees and greenery everywhere. Makes a nice change from the urban overload in that area. The beer is fine (although at stupid London prices) but I would not recommend the house red cab sav.

    BTW, Blue Oyster Cult were absolutely, fanf***ingtastically, brilliant.


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    Blue Oyster Cult? Awesome!

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