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Thread: Nora the LDV; build thread...

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    May 2016
    Cut a strip a couple of inches wide of thin plastic/ally, glue to the bottom of the top half of skylight with some stuck out the bottom. When the two halves are mated this should cover the gap, silicone round joint for added sealage??

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    Jul 2016
    I've half sorted the skylight... Added some strips of Celotex around the edges of the hole, so the inside part doesn't pull up as far, which has fixed the issue with it flexing the ceiling... I'm going to find some suitable plastic, as Rick suggested to bridge the (now larger) gap between top and bottom pats...

    I've been getting on with other things too... the bloody oak trim on the panel edges is now finished!

    It just needs the white paint reinstating up to it, but the whole interior will be getting a touch up to tidy up...

    I've made the curtains/nets for the other two cupboards:

    They need the elastic loops sewing on to keep them shut, a job I can do one evening...

    I bought a little hand axe, and decided it should be kept handy near the door... it'll get used quite a lot for much of the year.. so a little work with the jigsaw, and it now lives over the side door...

    I had planned to keep the bow saw in that area too, but decided it would hamper access through the door, so it now lives above the stove:

    I bought and fitted CO and smoke alarms... it's impossible to follow manufacturers' guidelines on location in such a small volume, so they're highish, and out of the way:

    And finally, I've started on my porthole covers... 3 layers of estate agent sign board... little neodymium magnets go in the holes in the middle layer, and stick to the screws holding the potholes together... I'll cover them in purple cloth to match the cushions and curtains...

    Talking of cushions, I've just ordered another foam mattress to cut up, and cloth to cover them... That, plus a secondhand towbar, some fire extinguishers, and other bits and bobs hurt my wallet a bit!!

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