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Thread: A conversion with no knowledge, but with the best of intentions.

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    Haven't updated this in a while, but we've been working on it at every opportunity. I think all the hard and dirty work has now been done and we are finally onto more of the good stuff. Making windows and starting on the internal walls this weekend, so it may begin to look liveable soon . Speaking of walls, does anyone have any cool or alternative ideas, that are pretty rapid to get going? Originally I was going to grab a load of reclaimed planks and such, but it turns out that they are usually way more expensive than buying it brand new, one place was asking within the region of 90 per square meter!!! So now it's good old Wickes and some 7 to 8 per square meter cladding unless inspiration happens.

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    Looking good

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    Going very nicely

    Smile - It'll make them nervous.

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    Planks for the walls! It must be nice not having to weigh everything you put into you're build...
    You could use pallet wood for cladding but by the time you source/de-nail and prep it it might not be that rapid.

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    good work ...

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    Why not clad with 10mm thick pine tongue and groove. Not too heavy or expensive. Just remember to fit heavier stuff behind for any wall mounted cupboards etc. And it would be pretty easy to calculate how much it would weigh. Or 5.5m ply but that might work out expensive.

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    Thanks all. We ended up getting a few packs of the 7psm cladding from wickes and tried it out on one section. It looks rather good, but it's a bit too white for my liking so we will definitely stain it at some point. I've put a load of extra battons up behind the cladding where the kitchen units will go. And a big chunk of OSB where I'm expecting to mount the TV and another unit.

    We are toying with the idea of using different materials in the front end of the horsebox. Someone suggested plasterboard....but I've not seen one conversion where plasterboard has been used, I'm guessing this is mostly because of the weight? I love the idea of a pallet wall, just need to find an easier way to prep it 1st.

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    Don't use plasterboard, seriously, it is too heavy and too weak.

    You can buy thin plywood with a smooth polyester coating on it, this makes a great smooth surface to paint or wallpaper to, horsebox conversion places are a good source of properly priced decent thinner plywood. Or wood veneered thin ply if you like that look. 5 to 7 squid a m2 will get you lots of options to choose from.

    Lightest ply is probably Italian 3 ply poplar ply, used in model plane making, it is cheap enough too, this can be varnished to seal it and then put a nice finish on that. Downside is it isn't that stable, so will twist unless you have plenty of supports. Pretty much any thickness down to 2mm is available, and other than Depron, I doubt you will find anything lighter, or weaker. 5 mm poplar ply costs about 4 quid a square meter here in France, I imagine you could get it cheaper in the UK as all manufactured wood seems cheaper there. I use the 8mm a lot in conversions.

    Caravans often use 3mm to 5 mm or so hardboard with a printed wood or white finish, not sure of the cost, but I imagine cheap as chips ( as long as you don't buy it from a caravan shop) , dimensionally stable and pretty light.
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    Prototype window built! Cost around 20~25 which is quite a bit cheaper than an "official" horsebox window and much cheaper than a caravan window. The design can be improved upon and I still need to add some seal or gasket strip and a bit of filler here and there. But a few of these will get us through the summer .

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    Oh! Forgot to add these! Few more pics of the window in its designated place, the cladding (which is a bit too light in colour....think I should darken it and make it look warmer) and the stud/frame that is going up for our tiny shower, the compost loo and our son's room.

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