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Thread: Ben Goldacre: What doctors don't know about the drugs they prescribe

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    Quote Originally Posted by cricket View Post
    None specific at present as i did not give my son the pain/anti inflamatory nor the omniprazole.I helped him manage his knee ,ongoing ,problem.The new school has no stairs and we do minimal stairs at home.The drs thought i was unhinged when i said i thought the root cause was the very many concrete stairs and big rucksack loads at the old school and the jolt load on his knees.aggrravating it.We do massage too.Minimal discomfort I feel sure is better than meds which disguise the issue.The acid reflux was exam stress cured by space,rest, spoiling and end of exams.The doctor didnt even look them up,just said dont worry.If there is a more comprehensive and detailed reference guide than the BNF that is unbiased,not censored by the big pharma companys, I would much appreciate it if you would let me know.I also worked with special needs kids in the past on 6 or 7 different drugs/day and worried about it all.No one seemed to care about the mix.
    Hi Cricket, Can I ask regarding the stairs did walking up stairs hurt more than coming downstairs? Also how did your son carry his rucksack as the weight from a rucksack should be supported by the shoulders/back/hips and then

    Has your son ever been referred to physio for his knee? Gentle exercise may be very helpful as strengthening the muscles around the knee protects it from injury by decreasing stress on the joint.

    Good/appropriate footwear is another point. If he has to do a lot of walking on hard surfaces and he has joint problems.

    'The Doctor who gave up Drugs' was a good one on pain killers Dr Chris Van Tulleken did the show in 2 parts. I don't know if you saw it.

    Also forgive me for asking but what was the original injury?

    Regarding your comment about children and lets face it, adults with special needs, as special/complex needs do not vanish with the onset of adulthood. One of the first presentations I ever did at university was on polypharmacy. I got the idea for the presentation after hearing a lecture about a woman who was on 18 different medications a day and was having adherence problems. Some of the medications were to counteract side effects that others caused (quite simply, some made her constipated, so they prescribed laxatives). The 'shock, horror,' of this lady was that her medications hadn't been reviewed for a while and she was taking some that she (after a full review) no longer needed. Most of us, I remember the 'doc dodging' thread, arent hugely keen on doctors. I have a chronic medical condition and I still avoid the beggars like the plague. I come for a check up when called and woe betide I loose my repeat script.
    However, there is such a thing as positive polypharmacy where a combination of drugs if managed correctly and reviewed regularly can work for the benefit of the patient whatever their age. Yes, as the number of medications increases the risk of interactions also increases; however, you have to take into account whether the patient would benefit more or less from the treatment given, if the treatment can improve their quality of life then consideration must be given to its administration.

    To ram it home again, some of us rely on the monsters that so many of you decry - Big Pharma. If every pharmaceutical company was amazingly shut down tomorrow, well...I could probably last till graduation and celebrate by going into seizure. I've always had the drugs I don't know what happens without them - I'm guessing theres a chance I go into status and if my brain is sufficiently starved of oxygen SUDEP.

    We have our 'Altered States' section, lab rats and mice are used as animal models because their genetic, biological and behavioral characteristics closely resemble humans and many human symptoms can be replicated in mice and rats. In studies it has been proven that mice will work harder for sugar than they will for cocaine.

    Maybe rather than pointing the finger at Big Pharma we should be pointing the finger at the likes of Tesco or Unilever?
    Whilst we still make the buying choices it could be argued that the odds are stacked against the majority in favour of processed food 'bargains' and the low fat/ high sugar-artificial sweetener taste/mind bend. Kitchens are being made smaller and less geared for any real cook. A true sad sign of the times - anyone want a relatively cheap set of Le Creuset pans? Try eBay, I bet most of them are weddding presents - hardly used. I'm only passing on the message because there are so many otherwise those pans would be mine!

    We worry about the pharmaceuticals that are going down kids throats, I don't know where cricket worked so I can't comment on the drugs and what they were for. I just remember working for a society for children with ASD where the children (and the carers) were not allowed any hot food during the day in case anyone was burned. This resulted in some lunchbox howlers and biscuits for snacks.

    I know some of us have been concerned about this before and given up sugar or cut back our sugar consumption. At the uni I'm taking part in a study to determine how taste patterns develop.

    I batter on about it - some of us have no choice but to take the drugs. Spare a thought and come of your Pharma high horses, yeah the side effects are crap but indulge me -

    Caffeine, Alcohol and Sugar

    All just as legal as my drugs, but far easier to get your hands on - all have side effects. There is an RDA for each one except alcohol, it has no safe limit.

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