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Thread: What ya doin?

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    I'm doing planty stuff too. So many little pots with seedlings in. I just bunged the last of them in together, outside, to let nature take its course.

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    I have finished the cleaning, made soup with all of the "just about still with us" veggies and had high hopes for some outside stuff. But! What am I doing right now? Watching the fucking snow coming down! And its freezing! Was out a wee while ago with scarf hat and gloves, duffle coat and big jersey! Pretty pissed to say the least. Oh and nearly forgot - forecast is for more of the same tomorrow if not worse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    What a shame. Scotland is so beautiful.. Its just that weather though.. chilly here for the time of year too though.

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    Recovering from a 5am start,was good to see folks there,and be recognised as i was only there for 5 weeks last time...had a run in with a snotty cow as i was ringing in to clock off my shift...surely theres a better way to enquire why im using the phone apart from "um what are you doing"?......"um!signing off my shift,i work for in***** "..."and you have to use the phones"? i just said yup!turned round and carried on, bloody glad thats the only time i spend in there..a massive room of bitchy women is my idea of hell xx

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    I can't stand people like that! How rude!

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