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Thread: VW beetle tdi, cheap

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    VW beetle tdi, cheap

    Hi, due to changes in plans, I have a VW beetle tdi, 2003 for sale, silver, brand new unfitted towbar,

    Usual extras, aircon , 6 disc CD changer, electric everything.

    Currently in storage in waterlooville, Hampshire, mot till mid January, last owner 10 years, who was my brother, and it has beeen the most reliable car he has ever owned, in the 10 years he has owned it the only repairs are due to driving over things, once taking out the power steering pipe, and the other the sump oil level sensor. Both repaired.

    Very meh!, but legal tyres. Metallic silver colour.

    Basically since I was done for no insurance when they refused to accept my French policy, I have no way anymore to insure a UK reg vehicle for less than the cost of a small cruise ship. Fuck 29 years of no points or at fault claims.

    Reg number Hk53obf if you want to look up the mot history.

    500 squids takes it away, frikken towbar was a 100. They go for about a grand on fleabay, but I have no way of doing anything with it. I have tried every option under the sun but keep getting ridiculous insurance quotes.

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    If you don`t have any joy selling here,try Shpock,Pre Loved or Gumtree.


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    Found a froggy temp insurance company who are half the hassle of the UK ones and there insane computerised systems and so many exclusions and restrictions.

    So no longer for sale.

    They do temp bus and truck insurance too, there clients are mostly importers/exporters so they don't care what nationality licence or the country of registration is, so I have a way of getting my next home to France now.

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