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Thread: Rent out Your Van when not in use

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    Quirky campers, yeah mine would be a good one to rent out. On second thoughts, I fully agree with Sootyfoots first post. Because of all of the quirks, I wouldn't really want anyone else touching it for fear of disaster.

    Instruction Manual. Please be aware of the following:

    1) Doors
    There is only one key, and it only opens the two front doors. Please be aware of the passenger side door - upon closing, the door will open by itself when you brake, unless the handle is pushed in from the outside. Doors should be locked from the inside, and if the key is accidentally locked inside then smash one of the front door windows as they are easier to find on ebay. If you lock yourself in accidentally, then just unlock one of the doors and get out - remembering to take the one and only key with you.

    2) Starting the Van
    Put the key in, and turn until you hear the fuel pump start. Wait a couple of seconds before starting. When you feel a loud thud, release the key and try to coax the engine onto all 4 cylinders by gently pressing the throttle. Wait until all 4 cylinders are firing reliably before setting off.

    Occasionally, the starter motor will just spin without engaging with the engine. If this happens, follow this procedure:
    a) Open the bonnet. Upon hearing it pop up, you need to use a screwdriver to release the second catch as part of it is missing. Locate the starter motor so that you know what you are dealing with.
    b) With a large adjustable wrench, hit the starter motor solenoid (not pictured)
    c) Retry stage 2.

    If the above does not work after 3 attempts, then you need to remove the starter motor and clean out the solenoid.
    Locate the long 8mm allen key, and remove the three bolts as not-pictured. Two are out of sight, but the non-picture will help you find them. Once they are removed, wiggle the starter motor out and remove all the un-pictured wires. Now, we need to overhaul the solenoid that sticks. No-one knows why it sticks, but overhauling it always works.

    Overhauling the Sticking Solenoid
    Remove the solenoid from the starter motor, and remove the plunger. With a petrol-soaked cloth, clean all of the parts including the plunger/slider. Now, reassemble and re-fit the solenoid to the motor. Re-fit the starter motor to the engine, this is the reverse of disassembly. Close the bonnet, get back in, and try starting it up again. Lets assume it works this time.

    3) Driving
    Lets assume the engine is running, and you are ready to go. You might have noticed that the fuel tank is empty - this is normal. The gauge doesn't work. Neither does the oil warning light, so regular manual oil checks are necessary. When filling up, remember how much you have put in - and for every 20 liters the van will do about 110 miles. The van drives like a regular car, except the steering will give your arms a workout because it is so difficult to turn. Also get used to the fact that the steering wheel goes round several times more than you think it should do. When driving, it is important to swerve to avoid large pot-holes, or sunken drain covers. This is because the torsion bars at the front have been slackened right off - and the impact from a large pot hole will dislocate the suspension components. Re-fitting by the roadside is outside the scope of this manual.

    4) Parking up for the Night
    Find somewhere remote. It is unlikely that you will be allowed on a public site. Note that the external appearance has the added bonus of scaring most normal people, so you will tend to be left alone. The procedure for stopping and parking up is as follows:

    a) Turn off key. Sit still and quiet for a moment, checking for odd noises or burning smells. Breathe a sign of relief.
    b) After 5 minutes, open the bonnet again. Double check that nothing is burning. Check the oil level, and top up if necessary.
    c) Close the bonnet and get back in. Check there are no new burning smells. Lock both front doors from the inside, and crawl into the back. Switch on the lights. Check that nothing is burning.
    d) Check that there are no new burning smells, and check that nothing is burning. Close the curtains. Make sure they're not burning.
    e) Get into bed, have weird dreams. Enjoy the rest of your adventure! Thankyou for renting this van from QuirkyCampers!

    I really need to get out more...
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    on the road
    Brilliant andy.
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    I did rent out my bus to a couple of bands, one of them was Killing Joke but it was on the understanding that the drivers seat and the bedroom was all mine. I couldn't have watched someone else drive my home away.
    When we flew to the UK for Glastonbury a few years back, we hired a mini camper. Seemed like a good solution.

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