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Thread: Learn how to make money on the road? ( sharing my story)

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    Learn how to make money on the road? ( sharing my story)

    Dont give up on your dreams
    In 2015 i spent all my savings on a van that let me down less than 12 hours after buying it.
    I sank into a deep depression 14 months took its toll on me
    2016 wasnt a great deal better for me personally, I spent much of that being ill.
    Hopefully and thankfully I'm much better now
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    and Ive given myself a MAHOOSIVE kick up the ass!

    I still want to hit the road in van but due to the fact that I needed to find a remote income and I didn't want to do psychic readings anymore I had to do something different.

    So I reinvented myself as a Branding Strategist

    I spent last year reading lots of books and material about Search Engine Optimisation. ( SEO'S) SERPS, Social Media Management. Social influencing. How to market online. Tackling Facebook ads, automating your business or social media, Money and business mindset. Branding.
    I learned heaps and I learned it fast.

    I watched as a young girl in America went from being on welfare to millionaire in the space of 18 months doing similar to what I am doing. Shes been featured on Forbes and Entrepreneur.
    I thought to my self - I want a slice of that....

    I devoured these business strategy and smart thinking books - learned, learned more and still learning.
    I launched a course back in November and all I can say is

    WOW its really paid off. Ive had 6 high paying clients 70 organic likes on FB-
    3 clients came to me for Branding and web development.
    2 of them entered my course " Learn how to be a social Influencer"
    and 1 client who I am coaching 1-1 6 weeks of once a week coaching from me in how to kick their online business into touch and monetize their web site and make lots of money online.

    I'm sharing my story to encourage you guys not to give up and to get out and explore your passions.
    I'm sharing this story because after such a shit time over the past couple of years its great to see some good things coming my way I deserve it YOU deserve it we all do

    I have worked very hard to achieve this, but hard work doesn't always = success. I didn't make a move until things were lined up. Luck? mmm i think you make your own luck and I call it strategy I worked on my business strategy, I learned what works and what doesn't.

    My business has taken off really quickly in a short space of time and i want to be help lots of other people launch their online business and monetize the shit out of their brand.
    I help stay at home mums, stay at home dads, solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, unemployed, corporate people unhappy in their job. Digital nomads and location independent people.
    I help them identify a stronger presence online and help people get their business off to a flying start.
    by fine tuning their social media strategy.
    Short courses i offer are
    Techy stuff - software, apps, hardware and platforms.
    Branding and social influencing,
    How to target your audience,
    how to treble your income via Facebook ads
    and many other online monetising techniques.

    Anyway. this post is intended to explain why Ive been quiet on the forum
    To send out lots of hugs to the regulars on here
    and to say if ever you feel like giving up - keep on trucking
    It does pay off.
    and remember if something isn't working - change it
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    I do most of my own stunts because the stunt guys show me how.
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    So nice to hear from you! Nice to see a success story too. Good luck to you!
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    A great success story! Go you and all the best 😀
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    Thanks nice to read positive comments
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    I do most of my own stunts because the stunt guys show me how.

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