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Thread: HawkEaster at Seaton, Devon

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    HawkEaster at Seaton, Devon

    Will be popping down to Seaton for HawkEaster this year. Have never been before, and hope that the rumors that this will be the last one ever aren't true!

    Aside from the festival itself, and walking along the Jurasic coast shoreline, anybody got any tips on other interesting things to check out in Seaton?



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    Well, here I am again answering my own post. Found Seaton itself a pleasant and friendly town, with nothing obviously notable aside from the walks along the cliffs and seashore.

    Hawkwind were excellent. Son of Man were also good and did in fact sound like Man. Also thought Underground Zero were outstanding, even though I must admit to being biased as they're originally from Norfolk.

    All in all, a very happy, friendly, and open festival. The organisers (at Brock Hall, no less) say they want to continue with these festivals in the future...the question is...with or without Hawkwind? The obvious answer...Hawkwind Will Never Die!!!
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