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Thread: Casual jobs in Europe ?

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    Casual jobs in Europe ?


    Anybody know if there are still such things as "grape-picking" or similar easy come easy go jobs that are available any longer ? Many years ago when travelling around Europe I survived when totally broke (more times than not) by working a few days here and there on farms and also did a couple of labouring type jobs on sites in cities...and when I`d worked a week or so just moved on ... but does anybody know if these things are still as easy as years ago ? I`m of the mind that it`s not so easy nowadays but that may be simply because I`ve been stuck in a miserable,going not very far rut. here in the UK for years...In the last couple of years I`ve been to Italy and for a month and Belgium for a couple of weeks but wasn`t looking to work and had enough cash to get by but I am thinking of getting away for as long as I can from about May this year and would like to see if working here and there is still something that`s easily found...anybody have any ideas or knowledge,please ?

    Thanks in advance,


    (ps - edit to add - just looked about the site and seen and actually read the posts re donations - I`m unable to do that at present but will gladly do so in the future when some cash comes in - cheers,Mia)
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    It is all dominated by agencies nowadays. Farm jobs are often covered by agencies recruiting directly in Eastern Europe...

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    Thanks orys - yup,I thought things had probably been sewn up by somebody with an eye for making a profit - I expect that rest of Europe is also tied up with regulations like the UK too - one of my daughters worked in a pub for a while and needed to go on a "course" before being allowed to serve drinks - other similar types of jobs are also tied up with legal requirements and of course,you`ll be paying for it too...I`m in the "older" age range now but can`t see we`ve made much progress within the "progressive" society we`ve become - `scuse the moan...along with aches and pains of age I just can`t help it ...
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    ... but thanks for taking the time to reply ...
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    Have you checked out work in the bulb factories in Holland? Has been years since I did it but it used to easy to pick up work there..

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    Here in spain you can still get casual work,(25/40 per day)in bars in the summer or farm work from september onwards,also once your in an area with expats you can get all types of work if you have some skills(60/80 per day)

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