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Thread: winnie the Pooh - My theory

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    winnie the Pooh - My theory

    My theory upon Winnie the Pooh from when I was baked as fuck:

    Christopher Robin is dead and the Hundred Acre Forest is his afterlife, in life Christopher didn't have any friends so in his afterlife his stuffed animals are his friends because that's what he could relate too. Further evidence is that we never get to see his parent "to my knowledge". This leads me to believe that he never knew his parents, perhaps they died and he was in a foster home? Then why isn't his foster parents in his afterlife? Maybe they where mean to him.

    A bit more fun take on the whole thing then the usual "he's psychotic" theory =)

    So, your thoughts? Does my theory hold any water?
    Love everyone, even those who hate you, because they need your love the most.

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    You've really given this some thought haven't you zambaku. Bit late to comment I know but only just spotted your post. Did you know Winnie the Pooh is female? I always assumed she was a he. Not relevant to your theory I know but thought i would share my bit of useless trivia with you nonetheless

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    Is Winnie the Pooh real?

    I used to play this for kids, but my bleeding heart would make me misty thinking about being a kid was real enough for me.

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    my friend that passed away a week or so ago used to call me "puff the magic dragon" because I used to smoke at work when I wasn't supposed to, and he would be my look out!

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    I'm sorry to hear about your friend Miss Bee xxx

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    Ah, thanks very much babs. I made a little post about it; he was one of the guys I supported, so we weren't supposed to be friends really. I was staff, he was the customer, but we just liked eachother. he had a very full life..
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    I think you need to take a break from the weed for a week or two

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