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Thread: Changing University

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    Post Changing University

    Months ago, I wrote about how shit of a time I was having at university, and I'm very sorry to say that hasn't changed.
    On Thursday I was talking to my partner about returning home to Belfast to study instead. It was an idea that really made me happy.

    I rang the student loan/grant company yesterday enquiring about whether or not I would have to pay back the money I'd borrowed this year and luckily they said I didn't. Afterwards, I rang Queens University and the woman told me to email admissions with details of my GCSE's and BTEC qualifications and whether or not I plan to complete first year at UWS, so I did that today.


    What I also did today was research changing universities and it really scared the fuck out of me. I read things like "if you change uni's, it could have an impact on your finances; you may get paid less, you may not get paid at all or you will have to pay some of the money back that you have borrowed already".

    I'm starting to think "what's the point in trying to change university?" and that "it's too much hassle", but I am miserable here in Ayr and I don't know what to do. I just want to cry right now.

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    Would your studies at UWS count towards your degree in Belfast?, or would you be starting again? If you're still going to take 3 years to get a degree, why should there be any financial penalty?

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    I'm confused, why wouldn't you pay back money you have already borrowed? When you say get paid less, do you mean from student finance? Do the different student finance bodies affect each other?

    Personally I don't think universities are in a good position at the moment. They're being pushed as the only option, they're overpriced & you get little from the experience. I feel that companies are realising this and lowering their expectations from grads as well as lowering the rewards they offer. I have heard of several companies bringing back apprenticeships that pay reasonable money, have actual industry recognised qualifications and most importantly real life work experience that is very likely to contribute towards getting a job at the end of it. What field are you interested in?

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    With student finance you can have up to 4 years of finance, which can include a repeat year within those 4 years. Was when i went to uni,

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    I changed university's after my 1st year a few years back because I hated my 1st one but it didn't affect me finance or career wise. Just do what is right for you and what makes you happy. You will only be a uni once so make the most of it.

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    My daughter changed university last year after doing a year but wanting to change - because it was counted as a new course she wasn`t entitled to the same finances as the previous year because the government have stopped living allowances for students - she finds it very difficult and if it were not for family who help support her she would not be able to continue - the UK government slipped this through on the quiet and it began last September.

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