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Thread: Cheap(er) cotton/canvas tarps?

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    Cheap(er) cotton/canvas tarps?

    As in the title, just wondered if anyone knows of anywhere selling large sheets of cotton tarpaulin (in and around 12x10ft). Read some outdated pages on the net where people were talking about getting larger rolls from army surplus shops/warehouses, but all of the pages are expired or don't seem to sell the stuff any more. Cheapest I can find at the minute is around 60 per tarpaulin!

    Surely someone knows of a cheaper source!!

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    Canvas tarp isnt cheap because itsvthe best.The best is made in the US.Youll get one thst size xtra hesvy duty for same price but cost you as much to ship and import.Plastic tarps are rubbish.
    If youre not wsnting much youre best sesrching ebay for ex army tarps or lorry sheeting but non of it will be much cheaper than new.
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    Ah, ok. We've already had plenty of experience with plastic tarps haha, not the best.

    Thank you anyway!

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    Where are you in the Country? Anchor supplies in Nottingham /Derbyshire have 2nds bins. Often when they are panels from full canvas tents sold cheap. You may needs to cut to size and hem.
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