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Thread: Community meeting about van folk

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    Let's not forget Brighton was thought about as accepting and we all know what happened there....
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    I hope this is a start of getting people to co-exist in a friendly and understanding manner.
    Smile - It'll make them nervous.
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    How interesting, I'm quite certain this used to be my favorite parkup a few years ago until I went away for a few months and came back to find it too full to squeeze in. Just used to be me and a mate down there then.

    I never had a single peep of discontent from the house dwellers, and plenty of hellos. Glad to hear the spot hasn't been buggered up by all the attention.

    When I used to park down there, you'd often see drug deals in hatchbacks at night, and lots of crack being done. About once a fortnight the coppers would all turn up with lights flashing at 3am and arrest the dealers. The cops never once disturbed us couple of vans though, and I'm sure they could have found an excuse to if they'd wanted to.

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    Hmm not sure it's the same spot but then I was never there at 3am to hear the coppers before.

    View of the cemetery?

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    Yeah it's the same place I'd say. A dead-end around the cemetery and other green bit. full of vanny types now. I remember the fridges you mention too. Woke up a couple of times to find a dozen fridges (all with their compressors cut out) scattered across the road, like someone had pushed them out of a moving van. God knows how it didn't wake us up. Used to call it Fridge Henge.

    Also when I was down there there were some builders converting a garage into a block of flats, and every now-and-again they'd shove sacks of nicely-chopped-up wood offcuts under my van. Very kind of them!

    I must pop over there again some time, see if there is space for my little van.

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    This is all good. But what happened to 'always park in a different place every night'..?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Diddekoi View Post
    This is all good. But what happened to 'always park in a different place every night'..?

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