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Thread: UKhippy Rules & AUP

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    Announced UKhippy Rules & AUP

    This is a copy of the website terms and acceptable use policy for the benefit of mobile device users who may not be able to view the footer links.

    The following is a copy of the registration agreement that needs to be accepted when a person joins this forum. Also contained is the Acceptable Use Policy considered an extension of this. Use of this website implies agreement to adhere to both the policies listed:

    Registration Agreement

    Registration to this site is free. However, we insist that you abide by the terms and conditions detailed here. If you do not agree to the following terms then we request that you leave this site now.

    While the administrators and moderators of UKHippy will attempt to remove or edit any objectionable material as quickly as possible, it is impossible to review all content. Therefore you acknowledge that all content submitted to this site express the views and opinions of the author and not the administrators or moderators (except for posts by these people) and hence will not be held liable.



    Being a member of this site means that you are welcome to express yourself and discuss ideas openly with other members within the constraints of our acceptable use policy.

    This means that, while we strive to allow free expression and discussion, submitted content should never infringe upon the freedom or enjoyment of other members or visitors. Therefore we will not tolerate any behaviour that is deliberately antagonistic or distressing towards other members, or any behaviour that threatens the survival or status of this site.

    Examples: (but not limited to)
    Anything that disables the site from rendering properly or anything that disrupts the functioning of the server
    Any content designed to negatively affect members' computers (viruses, scripts, etc.)
    Any excessively repetitious content (flooding, spamming)
    Advertising commercial products or services.
    Deliberately antagonistic behaviour (trolling, flaming, derailing topics)

    As a member you agree not to post any abusive, obscene, slanderous, racist, sexist, homophobic or threatening material, or anything that may violate any applicable laws. Doing so may lead to you being immediately and permanently banned (and your service provider being informed). IP addresses are recorded to aid us in enforcing these conditions.

    Examples (but not limited to)
    Illegal software or cracks
    Racist or ethnically abusive propaganda
    Content that discriminates on grounds of sexuality or gender

    You agree not to submit material that you do not have permission to. You agree that you will respect the privacy of others and not reveal undisclosed personal information.

    Examples (but not limited to)
    Names, addresses or phone numbers
    Pictures of people who you do not have permission to use
    Any information about someone that may not be public

    You agree that by submitting content (pictures or text) to this website you are granting us free, non-exclusive licence to publish that material. This means that, although you retain the copyright of your work, you are freely and irrevocably allowing us to use that content in any way we deem appropriate. However, we will not use that content on any other website or publication without your express permission.

    Registration to this website means that you also agree to our [B]acceptable use and [B]privacy policies.

    These membership terms are the subject of ongoing review; it is the responsibility of members to check this agreement regularly for any changes. Being a member means you agree that the administrators and moderators of UKHippy have the right to lock, delete, edit or move any submitted content at any time should they see fit. The management reserves the right to remove any account, without notice, at any time.



    We strive to allow the free expression and discussion of ideas within the confines laid out in this acceptable use policy.

    When you register on UKhippy you agree to follow certain terms and conditions. However, along with the basic registration agreement, we have formulated this more detailed 'acceptable use policy'.

    This site exists to be a safe place for like-minded people to network with each other, so that they may respectfullly exchange ideas that are 'alternative' to many of the views held within mainstream society. This policy, along with our other terms and conditions, exists to protect the site and its members. Our rules are not meant to be restrictive, and have evolved from the collective ideas of our members as to what constitutes good behaviour.

    This policy covers all areas of the website, but there may be instances where we apply additional rules appropriate to the section. We will not accept failure to read this policy as a reason to break the rules.

    Abusive content

    This website is not a place for causing others distress. By abusive behaviour we mean personal attacks, nastiness, bitchiness, harassment, bullying or any other form of antagonistic conduct. Please do not attack other members; even if a member starts on you first we insist that you report them rather than retaliate.

    Along with personal attacks, the following is also unacceptable within this site.

    Any material implying or encouraging hatred on grounds of race, ethnicity or religion
    Any content encouraging hatred on grounds of class or social grouping
    Homophobic abuse or any material attacking sexuality or gender
    Slander, libel and all forms of defamation
    Any mean spirited behaviour, commonly known as "trolling" or "flaming"
    Harassment, bullying, stalking or any kind of predatory behaviour

    The bottom line is that we are responsible for the wellbeing and enjoyment of the members on this site, and are thus accountable for your good behaviour. Quite simply, anyone causing undue stress for ourselves or others is not welcome here. Our decision is final when deciding what constitutes abusive behaviour.

    We will not tolerate abuse in any shape or form.

    Age restrictions

    In order to be a member of this site you need to be over 18 years of age. The reason for this ruling is because of our legal responsibilities towards anyone younger. We simply do not have the time or resources to look after the needs of younger people and therefore cannot allow them to participate in the site. Lying about your age to get around age-restricted parts of the site will be taken very seriously and may result in a permanent ban.

    Advertising policy

    Self-promotion and commercial advertising is banned everywhere on UKHippy unless it is approved by us in advance.

    This ban applies to advertising in signatures, usernames, articles, avatars, images, forum posts, group posts, blogs, profiles and all other content on any part of the site.

    We do not allow linking to any sites that threaten the safety, integrity and independence of this site. We will not allow links to websites that are posted in any manner which may disrupt the enjoyment of other members. This may at times also include (but is not limited to) links to illegal websites or links to websites that promote hatred or intolerance.

    Links that are appropriate to the conversation are fine, and links that may be of genuine interest to our members may also be acceptable in some circumstances - our decision is final when deciding what we allow and disallow.

    Webmasters, bloggers, forum administrators or anyone else using UKHippy solely to promote their own concern should only do so after seeking advanced permission from us.

    Unless approved by us in advance, people who join solely to advertise their service or product are unwelcome and will have their IP address and personal details submitted to an anti-spam database. They may also be reported to their Internet Service Provider.

    Account sharing and aliases

    Creating an account in order to deliberately impersonate another existing member will result in an instant ban and we will not protect the identity of anyone who does cause problems in this way. Creating an account to get around a ban is also prohibited; this may result in the member being reported to the abuse department of their Internet Service Provider.

    We also insist that we have only one user for each account. In order to avoid confusion we do not allow multiple people to post from the same account, this applies to couples, friends and all other connected people. If you want to take part, then open your own account rather than use someone else's.

    Press and media policy

    Occasionally we get journalists wanting to use our website in order to research articles or other broadcasts. This has its good and bad points. On the one hand it's great to get the exposure but on the other hand we DO NOT want our members to be unwittingly exploited. Journalists, programme makers, editors or researchers must seek our permission before going ahead with their plans. If permission is not sought then we will block that person from viewing the site.

    Members of the press who are researching an article or broadcast need to be able to verify that they are genuine, they must provide full details of their company and explain exactly what their intentions are, they must also guarantee that they will give full credit to the original author and not paraphrase any material out of context.

    Press interest will be made known to our members so that they can decide if they want to participate. Remember, all content on this site is protected by copyright. Copyright submissions It is the responsibility of the member to check the copyright status of material before it is submitted. Because of possible legal implications, it is important that members ensure they have permission to use anything that they post on this site.

    UKhippy will not accept responsibility for any claim arising from the failure of members to observe copyright or legal notices. Submitting material that you do not have permission to use may result in your account being suspended.

    Content copying and duplication

    Copying any original content from this website is forbidden without prior permission.

    Content is defined as anything on this website, including, but not limited to, the layout and design, bespoke graphics and illustrations, intellectual property and all ideas that make up the character and design of this site. Submissions made by our members are also covered by this rule. This excludes content that the original author wishes to publish elsewhere. In other words, you may only reproduce your own material.

    Personal privacy

    Because of possible action regarding defamation of character, it is forbidden to divulge private information about other people. This goes for members as well as non-members.

    Everyone has a right to their privacy. This website is not the place for airing personal grievances, nor is it a place for 'naming and shaming' others. It is also not acceptable to divulge any other previously undisclosed information, or to post private pictures of people that you do not have permission to use. This ruling excludes public figures such as politicians and celebrities when the information has already been made public.

    "Off topic" content and personal conversations

    It is quite common to see a subject go completely off course during a conversation. This can happen for a variety of reasons, but in the context of forum posting it is not always fair to allow it. Please consider the relevance of your submission beforehand and do not be surprised to find a that moderator has deleted posts or even split the thread. This is more likely to happen if the original thread covers a subject that is sensitive or important to the original poster. This also includes turning a topic into a personal conversation; two people having a one to one chat in a thread can put other people off of posting to it.

    While the occasional banter is completely permissible it is inappropriate to use the forum in the same way that you would a chatroom or instant messaging application.

    All content must be in Plain English

    We need to understand all submitted content in order to moderate it. Therefore any content written in languages other than English may be removed. This ruling also covers postings made in what is commonly known as "text speak".

    Posts that are made using certain abbreviations or contractions of words may also be removed or edited, and this may include any use of incorrect spelling in order to replicate local dialect.

    Please note that we have no intention of punishing people for poor grammar or lack of spelling ability, but we do ask that you make the effort to be understood.

    Adult content policy

    We do not allow pornography to be posted to this site, this includes links to sites containing pornography. We also urge extreme caution when posting any other adult (or otherwise shocking) material as many parts of the site can be viewed by non-members. Occasionally we may feel the need to move, edit or delete content in order to protect the wellbeing of the site. What we class as adult or distressing is entirely at our discretion.

    We do not class general nudity as pornography, but we may hide nude images from public areas of the website.

    Illegal content

    We cannot allow any illegal content to be submitted to this site.

    Illegal content can be anything from links to pirated software to inciting others to commit crime. If we think that content may be illegal then we will remove it. Remember, although we are based within the United Kingdom, we are still accessible to other countries, so European and international law may also apply.


    All of the policies on this site are subject to ongoing review; from time to time we may feel the need amend or add to these rules. This is because of our ongoing duty to ensure this website remains a safe place for all of its members. Therefore we recommend that you check these documents regularly for changes.
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