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Thread: cats and dogs

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    You know what Pyke,I still would'nt do it.Over summer,with ALL my windows down in my car,and summer clothing on (t/shirt and shorts)and driving,I feel hot.Imagine a stationary vehicle,and sitting in it with a fur coat on even for 30 mins?
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    I have two cats that live on the boat in the tropics, I have to have fans running and windows open to keep them cool. Any chance you could rig a 12v fan to a separate battery to keep the air moving?

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    Ah Pyke, I have no doubt that you care very much for your dog and I can see you're doing your best but, for sure, it's a hard one this.

    Don't know what kind of summer you're having where you are but here it's been a bit poor with rain and not a lot of sun but if you've got no shade then even with a little bit of sun the van does get hot. And it's not just hard on the dog, it's hard on you too. Let's say you get a mighty heatwave at the end of August/early September, not only is the dog going to suffer, how are you going to work and put all your attention into work when you know your dog is in there, without shade and you've no idea what the temperature is. I feel for you, I really do.

    There are things you can do - blackout blinds, 12 volt fan on a roof vent to take out the warm air, an awning fixed on the sunny side of the van, leaving a window open for a draught, but really, if the temperature outside is 26/27 and you're in full sun, it's going to be 36/37 inside the van and that's just too damn hot for a dog.

    Any chance you could change your life situation all together, get a job where the dog can come along too? If you're living in the van do you still need the wage that you job brings in? Could you do voluntary work with land and meals thrown in so your dog could be alongside you while you work?

    It's a hard one for sure.
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