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Thread: ADM birthday

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    ADM birthday

    Just to put out there that ADM are having a 20th birthday party in October. This is a community of about 120 people living out in the edge of Amsterdam that are fighting against eviction but are somehow hanging on. I hadn't come across them until this year when I went to their 'Jetlag' festival, but found it really inspiring. I hope others do too. They describe themselves as a cultural free space; but think artistic hippies of all ages living in caravans and boats at an old factory dockside building surrounded by woodland and you'll get the idea. Details on their website; sorry you'll have to search it as I don't have enough postings to put link. Adm Amsterdam will get you there :-)

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    Hi has anyone on here visited the ADM site?

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    Sorry for the delay in replying. Been offline. As I put in my post I've just been there once but I liked what I saw so I'm planning a return for this festival - also symposium with other free spaces on 'degentrification'. Downside it is a pretty closed environment, but I guess it would have to be or it would all go to pot (literally). They have only a few rules; no (hard) drugs, no weapons, no harassment - seems fair enough! If you've not been it's worth a visit. What I love is the way that expressions of art seem to blossom there in all forms and reminds me of Balnakeil near Durness in Scotland back before it went all privately owned/mainstream commercial (was a squatted army base -now a 'craft village'). They open up for events like their birthday festival. There might be a small entry charge as they try to raise funds to fight court battles against eviction. Jetlag festival was about 15 quid but downside no camping in site so meant finding somewhere else to camp. The area immediately outside their gates is currently being used as a really run down trailer park so worth being cautious if parking up nearby. Also curious if others have experience of this place, or others like it :-)

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