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Thread: Circuit Breakers - solar

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    Circuit Breakers - solar


    I think this is my last obstacle. All wires lined up and last minute uncertainties have emerged.

    I have a circuit breaker for between the mppt and battery.. and one for between the solar and mppt controller

    So.. having never wired up a circuit breaker I want to check something out. Having difficulty finding such basic info on google

    1) I am thinking that I only need to put the breakers on the positive wire that runs from solar to mppt... and then from mppt to battery. Is that right? I have a diagram that confuses the issue which appears to show fuses on both positive and negative wires coming from the panel.

    2) Next Q is regarding whether it matters which end of the breaker I put a particular cable. I intend to keep the flow of electricity going throught the breaker from top to bottom...
    I am thinking that I will feed the cable carrying power from the panel in to the top of the breaker.. and the cable leaving the breaker at the bottom then going to the MPPT. Then from the MPPT in to the top end of the next breaker.... then the cable coming from the bottom will go down to my positive terminal on my battery.
    Does that sou about right?

    3) my neg cable will go from solar straight to mppt. Then mppt straight to battery. No breakers on that line.

    Tips appreciated!

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    OK, no one replied to my comment... but ... for those of you who might be sorting this stuff out yourself...

    I wired things up like I listed above. And I now have a working solar set up. The lights on my mppt charge controller show when I flick the breakers to both my battery and my panels (eg the light goes out when I flip it off)

    It was all very simple in the end... possibly because of months of procrastination. Procrastination is under rated. Made the final action seem pretty straight forwards
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    I haven't got any Fuses or breakers in my system at all you're making me feel like I should make more of an effort.
    just a simple guy
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