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Thread: Z1000B (I think it is a B model)

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    Z1000B (I think it is a B model)

    Hi, anyone interested in a project? I got this a few months ago as a project to finish but life has led me somewhere completely different and I am unable to do it now. It is a 89' Z1000 B chop and has been made in to a monoshock frame before I got it. It is all there bar silencers. I have taken it completely apart for painting. Engine still in one piece and turns over manually and looks ok. I was told it ran a year ago, took rocker cover off to check compression and all good. It has a traditional coffin petrol tank. There is one four in to two and one two in to two exhaust down pipes that came with it, ape hanger bars and a one off single unused custom seat from the States I'm told. Loom complete etc, just needs a paint job and assembling if someone has the time and inclination. I have log book in my name and old MOT's. I paid 500 for it six months ago but would like 400 for it if anyone interested. I have a few photos on my phone partially assembled when I picked it up but as I said now in parts. I can email them if anyone wants to pm me with their email address as I have no clue how to get them from my phone to this advert. It is taking up space in mates garage in Banbury and he needs the space back. Would need a small van to take it away for obvious reasons. Thank you.

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    I cant upload the pics you sent to me, it may be a zed fame but thats not a zed engine. It does look like a kwak engine but its not from a zed as they were air cooled n its not from a zephyr. Do you have any more. Pics?

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    I used to have a zed 1000. I loved it but mine was never reliable. I think have somewhere a reg/rec I bought for it, which never got fitted. If anyone wants it, it's yours. (If I can find it)
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