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UK HIPPY is an interactive, UK based, counter-culture website and anti-establishment forum.

It's about life... it's about community... it's about surviving the system - which means that it's also about you!

At the heart of UK HIPPY is our discussion forum - powered by cutting edge software and offering a host of advanced and easy to use features. Within this site you will find other alternative-minded people holding debates and sharing ideas on just about every topic imaginable - from sex and politics, to life and laughter. At UK HIPPY, we invite discussion on almost every subject under the sun.

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But don't worry if this is all new to you. You don't need to call yourself a 'hippy' or be living an 'alternative' lifestyle to join our community. Everyone is welcome!

We're not concerned with who you are, where you're from or your past or present circumstances. We simply want to reach out to anyone who is open to exploring 'alternative' values - be they political, environmental or spiritual. Our aim is to build an inclusive and diverse community, and we firmly believe that everyone can have something to offer.

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Once a member, you'll have access to more than just our forums. You'll be able create your own personal profile, post and comment on pictures in the public albums, get to know other members, create polls for others to vote in, start an on-line journal or blog and join us at some of our country-wide gatherings... and it doesn't stop there. The site is growing all the time, new features are constantly being added and new members are joining every day.

All this is available for FREE. So REGISTER NOW and gain access to a whole new world of alternative awareness. There has never been a better time!